Tuesday, December 16, 2008

as i sit here alone at the place i work. so many people around. so few that know my name. i think about the happenings of the past year of my life. so good, so bad, and now so blessed. despite all the bad, i see the good, i ask for nothing more. the silver lining in the dark cloud.

i have made the change. everything has happened so quickly. in and out of peoples homes, good roommates, and bad ones. i see know that it was my own immaturity that was holding be back now that i have accepted this as a person it all i seem to be coming together. we will see very soon exactly how this all emerges into the world. my mind is willing to do what must be done to further myself in maturity and this world.

i will no longer struggle. i feel i have found a place where i belong. a place that perhaps, just maybe, i will belong until the time is right to fly....