Sunday, November 2, 2008

the harder i try an escape the memories of the good things
the longer they seem to hold onto my mind
the love that we had was so good and now pain is all it brings
the shorter the tidal wave of the sublime
the faster you go the harder you sing
the more of this life you treat as a fling
to transcend the boundaries of being alive
you don't hold a candle to how i survive
yet you pervade my thoughts
yet you made me feel alive
was it all for naught
or did i take the wheel and drive
off the cliff of regret
and into a hope for the best
once again i chuck and pray
will it ever go away
find the thing that kills the pain
hold on till my hands bleed in disdain
hope is all i have left in this life
hope that tomorrow will be better than today
hope for anything to make these dreams go away