Saturday, November 8, 2008

What if God was subject to man’s consciousness

Being everything and nothing.

The greatest of illusions ever seen

One that is the conforms to the structures of man

Merely because he is man.

And he is no different than us

We all live in a constant Battle with ourselves

I can tell you that its no different

Being contained within him

Being contained with out him

Being a part of his soul

We are the one place that he has lost control

Many times has he tried

Many a man has he sent

And now we have reached the place

Where it’s, get in or get out, get up and get down

the wonder is how we haven’t fallen down,

fallen from the middle of the earth to never make a sound

He has tried every time

The last was not so long ago

There is nothing left to hide

Just open up your soul

It’s the only way, mankind can survive

To truly love is to provide,

To truly know is divine

We have to swallow the great divide

You see when the judgment is passed

This whole thing of the past

Will never cease to exist x2

unless we learn to live in bliss

cut away the darkness,

to embrace the light,

follow the laws of the books of the son’s of men

They are all the same in the end

Really Doesn’t matter who what where or when

Just believe in your part in his existence

And take the lead without resistance

But we Cant make the world

Believe unless we show them

that there is more than all this materialism

that we have created the great schizm

in our minds we are only one

is his mind we are the same one

its all the same

we are him he is us

we must conform to the rest or die in the dust

from whence we came